Dubbing for Asia

Many countries do not make dubbing for their movies & series.
Some do just subtitling, some simple voice over.
It’s like seeing the movie in color and hearing the sound in black&white.
With subtitling the audience is fighting between
the following of the action and understanding the dialog.
Especially emerging markets are keen to reach western standards.
But real dubbing hasn’t reached many countries.
There are two reasons for it.
First, they don’t know how to do because real dubbing is an art of its own.
Second, it’s much more expensive as subtitling or voice over.

Discover the potential of real Dubbing for your market.

A licensor want’s to see his production as good as possible presented everywhere.
A brand owner wants to place his product in a high-value environment.
A TV station wants to present its programs as best as possible.
Let’s combine these things and we will come to a win-win-win situation.
Advertisers will be interested to place their products in high-quality content.
TV stations can ask for higher advertisement rates
and movie licensor can add the dubbing costs to their license fee for the cinemas.
The cinemas will improve their quality and reach a higher audients.

Sponsoring of content is nothing new.
Keep in mind that the Planet Wave Studios has dubbed already hundreds
of Soap Opera episodes for Procter&Gamble some decades ago for the German market.
That’s why we have the experience.
Here is an article from the Goethe Institute:
How Germany became a dubbing nation

The potential of Asian countries came to our attention as a Japanese media company ask us,
to do a high-quality dubbing for their famous Doraemon national cartoon hero
for the Southeast Asia market for an Image Campaign.
So we raised a team from scratch and dubbed 208 episodes of Doraemon
into Khmer for a Cambodian based Japanese TV station.
With the right Management and Training, the Cambodians did very well.
That will be just as good and better in other countries too.

The reaction was overwhelming.
The series runs on prime time and we received a mail from the marketing department
from the competition Station One TV, owned by the Russian General Satellite Group.
»We never believed that our people can do that.«

The largest Cinema Group, Legend Cinemas, has contacted us. »Can you do a Blockbuster for us?«
Yes, we can. The Cambodian speakers became really hungry to do it perfect.
And they did. At the premiere, the Thai screen heroes were present.
They expected VoiceOver as usual and been speechless. The audience starts giggling and whispering.
At the end of the show, some people said to the actors:
»We didn’t know that Thai actors can speak such good Khmer.«
This is real dubbing.

The most positive aspect is, that the local country will become with their speakers,
mostly local actors, part of a famous international Blockbuster or series.
Its building bridges. No doubts you can’t stop the process of development
in emerging markets. You can only join them.
Besides regular dubbing in Germany for the German TV industry, we intend to set up a Studio
in Vietnam who will also cover the dubbing work for the region Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.
We had previously in Vietnam a 100% investment in 1998 for the cartoon film sector, with a very good experience.
We have been the first in the cartoon film industry in Vietnam and we developed this industry there.
Now we want to be the first one again.

If you are a licensor for the Cinema and TV sector
or an advertisement agency – Go with us.


Dubbing.asia is an initiative of Planet Wave Studios International